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The Work of Rose Thorgaard

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Treasured: a Dark Mafia Romance

Coming 3/15! 

Livia Rossi fled Manhattan four years ago, desperate to get away from the fierce protection of her Uncle Michael, the don of their family. When he suspects danger is on the horizon, he sends Dante Castellano to watch over her. What begins as a precautionary surveillance mission soon turns into much more. Dante has watched Livia from afar, but it isn’t until now that he sees her for who she is. She’s creative, beautiful, and there’s a storm inside her that reminds him of himself. He’s consumed by his allure to her, and his guilt toward his boss and closest friend. When the stakes are raised, he’s forced to decide what’s more important—loyalty, or the woman he loves.


Honored: a Dark Mafia Romance, Book 2

This work is in progress.

Livia and Dante are coming to grips with their recent loss, while Dante tries to juggle his new responsibilities as well as Livia's anxiety about their future. When she can't cope, she flees. Their wariness is proven to be justified when the nameless man from Livia's past reappears, putting both of them in danger. Will Livia take flight again, or fight?


Beyond The Falls

June, 2023

Police officer Caroline Fox moves from her home in the city to the small town of Linden Falls, hoping for a reprieve after a difficult case. What appears to be a crime-free haven turns out to be much stranger than fiction when people begin to disappear. She attempts to solve the case with the brooding bartender who wants her. As the rest of the town is determined to maintain the status quo, they blame an old legend for the disappearances. Caroline knows there's more to it, and she won't let her past repeat itself.

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Sunset Over Manhattan

Treasured: a Dark Mafia Romance

"Her confession last night only cemented what I had known for weeks. I loved her. And I would kill for her."

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